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Airlines 2024

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ALLES IS NOG STEEDS ZOALS HET ZOU MOETEN ZIJNA few years have passed and after a painful break-up, Iris’ life is finally what she expected it to be! She is pregnant with her great love Reza, her son adores him and when he gets down on one knee after giving birth, everything is one big, sugary-sweet pink cloud. Or maybe it isn’t? A blended family, your ex’s girlfriend who interferes with everything, a dicult relationship with your mother: in reality it causes a lot of hassle and irritation. When Iris is panicking she unintentionally jeopardizes her dream wedding. Luckily her friends are always there for her.DIRECTOR Erwin van den Eshof (Misfit, Popoz)GENRE RomanceCAST Barbara Sloesen (Kwestie Van Geduld, Zwaar Verliefd!, Onze Jongens) Sanne Langelaar (Michiel De Ruyter, Happy Single, Candy & Bonita) Walid Benmbarek (De Luizenmoeder, Mocro Maa, Penoza) Holly Mae Brood (The Takeover, Meisje Van Plezier, Vals) Renée Fokker (Zwarte Tulp, Alles Is Zoals Het Zou Moeten Zijn) Jelle de Jong (Dertigers, Michiel De Ruyter, Sneekweek)STATUS CompletedCOUNTRY NLLIFE AS IT SHOULD BE 2TRAILER

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NEEM ME MEEEN ROUTE!Six people over seventy are at a turning point in their lives. Without knowing each other, they go on a journey together.DIRECTOR Will Koopman (Gooische Vrouwen, April, May And June)GENRE ComedyCAST Jeroen Krabbé (The Living Daylights, The Fugitive, Transporter 3) Renée Soutendijk (Moordvrouw, De Familie Claus, Redbad) Kees Hulst (Soof 3, Het Geheime Dagboek Van Hendrik Groen, Rundfunk) Olga Zuiderhoek (Penoza, Süskind, De 12 Van Oldenheim) Helen Kamperveen (Oogappels, Medisch Centrum West, Hiernamaals) Geert De Jong (Meisje Van Plezier, Mama Is Boos!, Lisa) Minne Koole (Doodstil, Ares, Niemad In De Stad)STATUS CompletedCOUNTRY NLTRAILER

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LOVING BALIVERLIEFD OP BALIAfter the death of her Eurasian grandmother, Jenny convinces her mother and sister to come along to Bali to unravel their family background so they can find happiness in their family and love life.DIRECTOR Johan Nijenhuis (Verliefd Op Ibiza, Onze Jongens)GENRE Comedy, romanceCAST Jim Bakkum (Zwaar Verliefd!, Onze Jongens, Casanova’s) Anouk Maas (Verliefd Op Cuba, F*ck De Liefde 2, Onze Jongens) Soy Kroon (Costa!!, Liefde Zonder Grenzen, Zwaar Verliefd! 2) Nadja Hüpscher (Bella Donna’s, Ja, Ik Wil!, Levenslied) Edwin Jonker (F*uck De Liefde, De Ontsnapping, Tuintje In Mijn Hart) Mingus Dagelet (Bella Donna’s, Mannenharten 2, Koning Van Katoren)STATUS CompletedCOUNTRY NLTRAILER

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FIEN & TEUN: CIRCUS OP DE BOERDERIJSebastian the Pig’s birthday is just around the corner, and Fay and Tom want to celebrate it by throwing the best party ever. When they stumble upon an old circus wagon in the meadow, they know right away what would make the perfect surprise: their very own circus performance! They’ll have to keep it a secret though, or else it won’t be a surprise at all. Fay and Tom practice hard with all their animal friends, but as it turns out, putting on a circus isn’t quite as easy as they’d thought... When Madame Rabbit suddenly vanishes by accident during the magic act, it looks like they won’t be able to hold the party after all. Can Fay and Tom get the circus ready before Sebastian’s birthday?DIRECTOR Matthias Temmermans (Mega Mindy, K3 En De Kattenprins)GENRE FamilyCAST Robbert van Unnik (Fien & Teun) Maud Mulder (Fien & Teun) Shauni Kuiper (Fien & Teun) Joris Gootjes (Fien & Teun)STATUS CompletedCOUNTRY NLFAY & TOM: CIRCUS AT THE FARMTRAILER

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DE TERUGREISA bitter-aged man reluctantly drives to Spain to pay a last visit to a dying friend, along with his wife who’s suering from dementia. But as their journey unfolds, he slowly starts to soften up and rediscovers the meaning of love.DIRECTOR Jelle de Jonge (Weg van Jou, Bon Bini Holland)GENRE Comedy, dramaCAST Leny Breederveld (De Luizenmoeder, Vliegende Hollanders, Wraak!) Martin van Waardenberg (De Marathon, Ome Cor, Singel 39)STATUS CompletedCOUNTRY NLMEMORY LANETRAILER

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INVASIEOut of nowhere, Curaçao and Aruba are attacked by a dictatorial neighboring country. Politicians in The Netherlands are astonished. While the conflict rapidly escalates, three young Marines are deployed for a dangerous rescue mission. With the barracks on Aruba under fire, the airspace closed and the Dutch ambassador who still has to be evacuated, this soon becomes a race against time.DIRECTOR Bobby Boermans (Hoogvliegers, Mocro Maa, Het Gouden Uur)GENRE ActionCAST Tarikh Janssen (Ik Wist Het, Mannen Van Mars, Alles Voor Elkaar) Jasha Rudge (Kappen!, All You Need Is Love, Hotel De Grote L) Gijs Blom (The Letter For The King, De Slag Om De Schelde) Ortál Vriend (Celblok H, Flikken Rotterdam, De Veroordeling) Fedja van Huêt (Karakter, Soof Franchise, Baantjer Het Begin) Gijs Scholten van Aschat (Zee Van Tijd, Tiramisu, Doris)STATUS Post productionCOUNTRY NLINVASIONTRAILER

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BED & BREAKFASTWhen workaholic Sarah astonishes herself by quitting her job, she has no idea what to do next. She lets herself be talked into looking after her aunt’s Bed & Breakfast, though with considerable reluctance. Up until now, her life has consisted of working overtime, takeaway meals and Uber rides. Among the chickens and vegetable gardens in a country village, whatever will this city girl do? When Sarah encounters not just one but two potential suitors, both the B&B and her heart are wide open to love. Forced to choose between the two men, who dier in just about every way, Sarah gradually discovers there are other choices she needs to make.DIRECTOR Ruud Schuurman (Kwestie Van Geduld, 100% Coco New York)GENRE Comedy, romanceCAST Jelka van Houten (Jackie, Baantjer Het Begin, Adem In Adem Uit) Sanne Langelaar (Michiel De Ruyter, Happy Single, Candy & Bonita) Oscar Aerts (Costa!!, Happy Single, Tuintje In Mijn Hart) Mingus Dagelet (Bella Donna’s, Mannenharten 2, Koning Van Katoren)STATUS CompletedCOUNTRY NLTRAILER

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THE LAST FRONTAmidst World War I’s chaos, a grieving father turns hero, leading villagers to safety while evading a relentless enemy driven by vengeance.DIRECTOR Julien Kerknawi (A Broken Man, Silent Takedown)GENRE WarCAST Iain Glen (Operation Napoleon, The Lost Girls, Game Of Thrones) Koen de Bouw (Wil, Zeppos: Het Mercatorspoor, Nowhere, Torpedo) David Calder (The Trick, The Hatton Garden Job) Joe Anderson (The Devil Conspiracy, The Reckoning, Hangman)STATUS CompletedCOUNTRY BE/UKTRAILER

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DE BELLINGA’S:PRETPARK OP STELTENYes! It’s that magical time again - summer holidays! The Bellinga family have epic plans: they’ve rented a holiday home at a really cool amusement park, where every ride and attraction is theirs for the taking. However, the Bellingas don’t have a lot of spare time. The kids are knee-deep in rehearsals for the park’s big show, while their father Daniël is on a mission to clinch the title of ‘Coolest Dad of the Year’ at the Summer Games. In the meantime, they also have to take care of the manager’s dog, and let’s just say, it’s no leisurely stroll in the park. When two notorious crooks suddenly turn up at the park, they turn the fun-filled chaos up to eleven! Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughs as the Bellingas find themselves in an absolutely bonkers chase.DIRECTOR Armando de Boer (Waar is het Grote Boek van Sinterklaas?)GENRE FamilyCAST Farah, Daniël, Luan, Lucilla, Luxy en Lucius BellingaSTATUS In productionCOUNTRY NL ROCK THE THEME PARK!

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DE BREAK-UP CLUBWhat if you want to break up with your partner, but you either don’t have the guts to do it, or you can’t be bothered with the hassle? Dylan has the solution! This attractive guy with an equally attractive, carefree life and a smooth way with words, runs The Break-up Club. You can hire him and his best friend Mick to make a clean break for you. Everything is going great until Dylan is hired to dump control freak and journalist Zoë, who leaps at the chance of a story about The Break-up Club...DIRECTOR Jonathan Elbers (Only You, Fashion Chicks)GENRE ComedyCAST Juvat Westendorp (Onze Jongens, Happy Single, Niks Vreemds Aan) Holly Mae Brood (The Takeover, Meisje Van Plezier, Vals) Oscar Aerts (Costa!!, Happy Single, Tuintje In Mijn Hart) Sarah Bannier (Zusjes, Nieuw Zeer, Moedermaa)STATUS In productionCOUNTRY NLTHE BREAK-UP CLUB

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Z VAN ZUSA is for Adieu, B is for Battle and S is for Sisterhood. Twins Rianne and Juliette were inseparable as little girls, but now that they’re adults, they couldn’t be more dierent. While Rianne has stayed home to care for their sick father and run his snack bar, Juliette is living a life of wild and carefree extravagance in the city. And as Rianne’s hoarding tendencies become increasingly extreme, Juliette is at the top of her game as a professional organiser. After the death of their father, Cor, neither sister trusts the other to properly carry out his final wish to have his ashes scattered on the Spanish costa. There’s nothing for it - the estranged sisters find themselves forced to embark on a road trip together.DIRECTOR Jelle de Jonge (Weg Van Jou, De Terugreis, Bon Bini Holland)GENRE ComedyCAST Elise Schaap (Faithfully Yours, Undercover, Familie Kruys) Bracha van Doesburg (Faithfully Yours, De Familie Claus, Oogappels) Sarah Jenneh (De Piraten Van Hiernaast, Soof 3) Martin van Waardenberg (De Marathon, Ome Cor, Singel 39)STATUS In productionCOUNTRY NLSISTERHOOD

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YOUNG HEARTSElias (14) feels attracted to his new neighbour Alexander (14). Soon he realizes that he’s truly in love for the first time. The interactions with his friends and family bring more questions than answers. Confused by his burgeoning feelings, Elias tries to sort out his inner chaos to prove that he is worth Alexander’s heart.DIRECTOR Anthony SchattemanPRODUCER Xavier RombautGENRE Young adults/DramaCAST Lou Goossens, Marius De Saeger, Geert Van Rampelberg, Emilie De Roo, Dirk van Dijck, Saar Rogiers, Ezra Van Dongen, Jul Goossens, Olivier Englebert, Wim Opbrouck, Florence Hebbelynck, Jill Malfroot, Cassie Alcendor, Samba Thiam, Sam Michiels, Marie Gevaert, Bert DobbelaereSTATUS Post productionCOUNTRY BelgiumBelgium release December 2024Sold internationally to 20 countries (so far)